rose in glass domes

everlasting rose in glass dome

item number: RG1530-1

rose diameter: 8-9 cm

net weight: 1.3 KG

weight with gift box: 2.25 KG

size of glass dome: 15cm*30cm

size with gift box: 20cm*20cm*37cm

quantity: 6 PCS/carton

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Surprise your friends, family and loved ones with a handcrafted bouquet that has been carefully curated with love using only the finest roses. These are REAL roses that can last over a year! By treating fresh roses with a unique method these roses become long lasting and keep their natural beauty, structure and softness. Nothing says I Love You more than a massive box of everlasting roses. The perfect gift and addition to any home, office or event table.


To maintain The Rose Bouquet's vibrant appearance and longevity, please avoid direct exposure to sunlight, excessive heat or moisture.


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